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comes to life in June 2007 by the will of the City of San Giorgio di Piano.
This new event was created with the aim to retrieve, within our territory, enthusiasts and collectors of rare plants from all over the world

Now "The Verdepiano" has established itself nationally and maintains its originality confirming every year between the most important events in the industry. 
In the beautiful setting of San Giorgio di Piano, gardeners and professionals from everywhere show and sell botanical wonders that can be admired and purchased by the public. 
It should be noted that this event is offered to accommodate a specific area dedicated exclusively to orchidofili, more reason to  follow closely this great event. 
You can participate in courses, discussions and seminars led by industry experts that will help the public to deepen the main topics related to the "green world ornamental". 
It is the intention of the town of San Giorgio di Piano to ensure that this great event is also a way to raise awareness and bring the city to protect and love for the environment. 
Can not miss even the appearance of food and wine, making it possible for the audience to linger and enjoy local dishes. 
Admission to the public free of charge!

For any information please contact:

Simone Busi Tel: 3387631624 - Fax: 051892188

Active center already in Roman times, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds and the topography of some places in the Middle Ages the "Castello di San Giorgio" appears above the names of "Selva Taurian" or "mass Taurian" and "Saltus plan, forest plain.
The Emperor Ottone in 947 called him as "Castle sancti Georgii" in times quiet little the residents had chosen as a patron saint warrior. Capuana palace located near the Porta Ferrara (only evidence left of the castle) built in 1403 and renovated in 1913 still retains the old lines. The site, formerly located in a strategic position for trade, was fortified in the fourteenth century with big pieces of which traces remain well preserved: in 1388 the whole castle was fortified.

In 1391 they built the Torresotto in the central square, Palazzo Colonna in 1403 left Porta Ferrara coming from St. Peter. Under papal rule until 1796, common in the Napoleonic era, he sees a renewed economic dynamism and social 800, characterized by a rural economy that sees the prevailing culture of hemp and corn.
In the twentieth century S. Giorgio gives birth to some famous people: first Giulietta Masina (Federico Fellini's wife and famous actress), and Mario Melloni (satirical journalist known by his pseudonym of Fortebraccio).

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